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How Fairfield CARES Community Coalition Does Prevention

Since 2009, the Coalition has been bringing together representatives from 12 community sectors (parents, youth, business, schools, law enforcement, youth serving organizations, health care, media, civic organizations, clergy, local/state government, and other substance prevention organizations) on a monthly basis to plan outreach to minimize risk factors that contribute to youth substance use and to strengthen protective factors that increase resiliency.


To prevent and reduce youth substance use, the Fairfield CARES Community Coalition uses the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) and applies 7 evidence based strategies, examples are given for each:  

  1. Provide Information – social media, newsletters, brochures, community forums

  2. Enhance Skills – trainings to administer Narcan, online safe beverage server training

  3. Provide Support - provide quit vaping programs, counseling, support groups

  4. Reduce Access/Increase Barriers (or Increase Access/Reduce Barriers -depending on the objective) – locking up liquor at home,

  5. Change Consequences – DUI checks, party patrols, ensuring alcohol/tobacco retailers comply with laws to not sell to minors

  6. Change Physical Design of Environment – signage to prohibit alcohol/drug use, increased number of “Drop Boxes” for safe disposal of old medications

  7. Modify/Change Policies – including marijuana in CT’s Social Host Law, modifying tobacco laws to include vaping


Extensive data is collected and analyzed to determine the specific initiatives of each of the above strategies."

Last updated: 02/06/2024

Co-Chairperson: Michael Patota

Co-Chairperson: Mike Testani

Vice Chairperson: Jaqueline Bush

Immediate Past Chairperson: Phil Dwyer

Secretary: Annalise Caron, Ph.D.

Treasurer: Vacant

Vicki Gustavson

Jennifer Jacobsen

Scott Jarzombek

Cristin McCarthy Vahey

Rachel Spollett Kovacic

Maureen Sullivan

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